Three Scents to Make You Happy

Prosper Diffuser from Scentsy

Three Scents To Make You Happy!

First, why is this important, why should it matter? Scent plays a very important yet subtle role in our daily lives. So subtle, we rarely notice how much or how often our moods change simply because of the scents around us.

Physiologically, scent and memory are closely connected. For example, when you smell bread baking, many people are reminded of their Grandmother’s home. It is a pleasant aroma, a pleasant memory, and your mood is uplifted.

Also, many scents found in nature have medicinal properties of their own whether used only as an aroma, or in your food or drink.

  • Lemon – is invigorating, uplifting, it increases productivity, and gives you a boost of energy
  • Peppermint – stimulates the brain resulting in increased alertness and clear thinking
  • Rosemary – improves focus and concentration, as well as improving your memory

All three of these scents will make you feel happier.

There are many other scents which will also improve your mood. Just shoot me a private message to get the list!

Thank you, have a happy evening!

The 4 Best Times Scents Can Help To Brighten Your Day

Oranges, Lemons, Ginger, Mint & Honey – Ingredients For Making Immunity Boosting Drink
  1. Of course, morning! Getting the sleep out of your eyes and adding a dose of caffeine to get your motor running is only part of what your system needs to fully wake up and be ready to tackle the day. To improve your mood, and feel invigorated – citrus scents help the most; lemon, tangerine, orange. An essential oil, or a spray, used in your breakfast nook, or kitchen can help you start the day off on the right foot.
  2. On your way to work. This is the time to gather your thoughts, and get focused on what the rest of your day will bring. To improve clarity, mental focus, and concentration – peppermint, rosemary, sage, and basil are the best scents to look for in a car freshener, or a few drops of oil on cotton ball, can actually make a big difference in a small space, like your car.
  3. That super hectic time after work, when you are preparing dinner, getting the kids ready for their soccer and band practices, and trying to reconnect with family at the end of the work day, scents that help reduce anxiety, and have a calming effect are best. Such as chamomile, bergamot, rose, or lemongrass.
  4. In your evening bath, add some oils or bath salts that contain eucalyptus or lavender. Or use a diffuser to fill the room with the scent of grapefruit or green tea to help you get to a more serene, tranquil mental state. This will help you transition to bedtime and sleep more easily.

For the four best scents to use to fall asleep, and have a more restful deeper sleep, check out this post: How Are You Sleeping?

Have an awesome day!! Thanks for reading. 🙂

How Joining a Social Media Marketing Challenge Can Create Momentum in Your Network Marketing Business

I have recently joined a 14 day Facebook Challenge with Ray Higdon. It was super economical to join, and there is no cost to doing Facebook Live videos.

I joined to learn more about using social media to attract people to my network marketing business – a subject Ray is all about. But more than that, actually taking the step to challenge myself to both learning, and taking daily action steps, is a way to stay invested in myself, and keep my business, and income producing activities, front and center each day, every day, for 14 days straight.

No matter how good, or how bad I am, at making these videos; the point is to get out there, talking about my business to people daily. Even if I am the worst video maker on the planet – taking action every day WILL bring results. Also, practice makes better, if not perfect. So I learning a new skill, and gaining confidence to put myself out there in front of others.

So, here is my DAY #1 VIDEO:

Day 1 of 14 Day Challenge

I was supposed to say, “If you would like my notes, inbox me and I’ll send them over to you.”, so I could start a conversation with people. I guess I got too nervous, and that didn’t happen, lol. However, I did it! Yay me, gold star for my first facebook live.

The biggest thing I took from my Day 1 training on the Challenge, was; “No matter what (excuse you may have), do it anyway! (the video)”. And Ray Higdon is so right (of course); having crappy tech, not professional backdrop, no hair dye are not reasons to not do a video. It’s uncomfortable, maybe not my professional best, but I absolutely needed to dive in, face my fears of: live video, talking to people, reaching out about my business, and moving forward.

Another good takeaway from the training; your mindset about money. Is it holding you back from moving forward in your business? Do you feel guilty about making money, or feel negative towards people with more money than you. If either of those scenarios is the case, you have a poor money mindset, and you will sabotage yourself from becoming successful in network marketing.

Also, being an Influencer in the network marketing world, and why it’s not always a good thing. To position yourself as an authority on your particular Network Marketing Business, you are telling your followers, and your teammates and downline, that you are an expert in your business. Therefore, your results, fabulous as they may be, are not duplicatable! Therefore, not everyone can do it. The point of Network Marketing, is to make yourself unnecessary. It is the system you use to market your product, service, or opportunity, which should shine, not the individual. Therefore, anyone who is interested would be able to achieve the same level of success as yourself, as long as they are willing to put in the same amount of work.

That’s it for my takeaway of Day 1 of the 14 Day Challenge with Ray Higdon. Back soon with notes from Day 2.

Have a fabulous, and successful day!!

How Are You Sleeping?

Like many other adults in North America today, you may be finding a decent 8 hours of sleep to be an elusive goal.

There are many reasons why this may be the case for you. The question is; what to do to improve your quality/length of sleep?

One way is to create a comfortable, relaxing environment in your bedroom. This includes using warm tones on your walls and draperies, low light conditions, soothing sleep sounds, having a quieting routine, and scents that calm and soothe you.

Four Scents to Help Relax and Soothe You

GeraniumThe geranium plant is native to southern Africa. The essential oil, which is taken from the leaves, smells like roses and can help relieve stress.

BergamotBergamot is a type of orange tree that grows in Italy. The essential oil comes from the peel of the orange and can help relieve anxiety.

ChamomileVarieties of chamomile can be found in Europe, North America, and Argentina. The scent is widely used in products like perfumes and lotions to promote calm and relaxation.

LavenderNative to the Mediterranean, lavender is perhaps the most widely researched fragrance. Numerous studies confirm its calming, soothing, and sedative effects.

There are many ways to incorporate scent into you bedtime routine;

  • a warm bath before bed using your favorite oils or a bath bomb from Scentsy –

Warm white cedar, green verbena and citrusy bergamot in a perfectly spiced, sensual fragrance.

  • Soft light from a Scentsy Warmer of your choice, like one of these;
  • Add your favorite Wax Melt to the Warmer from Scentsy including these scents to help you fall asleep;
  • Or – try a Scentsy Diffuser instead; Handcrafted and oh-so-lovely! Immediately fill your space with all-natural Scentsy Oil fragrance. Customize it with color, light and mist settings. Update your style with interchangeable Shades!

There are countless ways to enjoy, and experience a calming, sleep inducing scent experience. Let Scentsy help take you there.

Visit for all you warmer, diffuser, wax, and oil needs.

Sleep Well!

Have you made you plan for 2019 yet?

It’s the first full week of January 2019 – have you worked out your marketing strategy for 2019?

If you are like most people, you made one or several resolutions on the eve of the New Year. Things you promised you would accomplish this year. While it a positive that you resolved to be better, do better, accomplish more – the truth is, if you haven’t made a plan meet those goals – you probably won’t get them done.

For the Network Marketer, I believe we have all said “This is going to be my year – I am going to move up by leaps and bounds!” but without a firm goal for the year, and a plan on how to get there – it will be impossible to reach that final goal by the next New Year.

So, it is important that you define your goals:

  • have a firm 12 month goal, i.e. achieve next rank, or $2,500 per month in commissions
  • Do some math – what will it take for you to reach that goal, i.e. have 12 new signups, sell 60 shakes, and 16 new skin care packages
  • Break those number down into quarters, i.e. in the first 3 months, you need to have 3 new signups, sell 15 shakes, and 4 new skin care packages
  • Concentrate on your next 3 months, have a daily plan of action

Now you know what you need to accomplish, broken down into bite sized pieces. Do you know HOW to accomplish this? Does this look familiar?

  • Book more home parties
  • Talk to more people on a daily basis
  • Book more tables at markets and fairs
  • Hand out more samples
  • Post on Facebook every day to all my friends and family can see my products and specials

All good ideas, and meeting people, and talking with them, is the easiest way to establish your know, like, and trust factor. However, they are all very time intensive activities. And spamming all your friends and family on social media is a good way to turn them off your products and opportunity.

By learning to use your social media accounts to attract people to you that want and need your products and opportunity, you can leverage your time to increase your income, and reach an entirely new audience for your business.

So, part of your goal setting needs to be using social media effectively, on a schedule. Picking one or two platforms that you want to learn how to market on, and dominate them! LinkedIn is my personal favorite, as it is the only platform where the people are there solely to do business.

Using a planner, paper or virtual, to schedule when you will post, and which topics to cover, will help to keep your business moving forward.

To find out more about Attraction Marketing, click the link;

To find out more about how to use LinkedIn as your primary marketing platform, click here:

For a free Instagram training, click here;

Wishing you the all the best for 2019!

What is the Magic Ingredient in Your Business? – It’s YOU

After struggling in the Network Marketing industry for over 10 years, with more than 1 company (who’s with me here?), using upline advice, different systems, buying many programs, watching webinar after webinar, and… cricket’s on my sales pages.

Then I realized, I was jumping from one “quick fix” to another. In realitiy, there are no “quick fixes”, no “get rich quick” systems. However, there are terrific systems, that do work. But, each and every one, take commitment, consistency, and your own sprinkle of magic – your “why”, your “story”.

Your story, where your came from, your roadblocks, successes, and failures, all make up who you are today. It influences the decisions you make, it dictates how you run your business, it is your integrity – the “real” you. Sharing your story helps to build a relationship with your team, your prospects, and others who hear it who then want to join you in your journey, to enhance their own. Your story speaks to them, feels familiar to their own life/business experiences. People with similar life experiences tend to be attracted to each other. Those are the people who want to work with you. If you are not sharing your story, you are missing out on the connection you could have with those around you, that inspires them to build their business, and create their own visions!

Your “Why”, is the reason you are in your own home business. If you don’t know why you are here, you will definitely not be moving forward. Your why, is the vision of your imagined future – where owning your own home business can take you! One of the best resources to use to help create and hone your “why” is a vision board – a collection of photographs of things you want, things that inspire you, and things or people you aspire to be like. You keep your vision board hung in your workspace in a place of prominence, somewhere you will see it whenever you look up. It will keep you motivated, keep you going, inspire your creative juices, help to pick you up when you think you can’t take one more “no”. I keep a version of my vision board on the screensaver of my computer. Whenever I take a break, I come back to the vision of my future in full color!

When I first started out in Network Marketing, I was told to create a vision board, asked to write down my “why”. I thought, “that’s silly”, I just want to share these great products. Surely everyone will love them as I do! Because they are the absolute best in the market! People do not purchase a product based on it’s sensational qualities, they purchase a product because of their relationship with you. Let me say that again: People will purchase your products, because of their relationship with YOU.

So, I reviewed the systems I had bought and tried, picked one to start; and followed the system instructions every, single, day. Consistency. That’s it. That’s what they told me. This system will work for you! You have to post daily, connect daily, build relationships daily! So I did those things.

Now, I see my connection numbers going up, now I see people looking at my free giveaways, engaging with my content. Now, I have an audience who are starting to know, like, and trust me. Now, those are the people who will most likely buy my products. Not just because my products are great – but because they trust my recommendation.

My biggest stumbling block to making any thing work in my business was, not the systems, or the programs, or my belief in them. My biggest stumbling block was: – my belief in myself! I didn’t think I could sell, I didn’t feel worthy of my “why”. So I worked one day, and took 2 off, thought of something new to try, and only did it once. I stayed in my shell, didn’t share my opportunity, my products, my thoughts of others, or my gratitude of accomplishing the things that I did do well in my life.

I thought about it… I ran a successful cleaning company for 24 years, I raised 3 wonderful, responsible boys into young men, I have bred, raised, trained and sold well over 150 puppies in the last 8 years, with many repeat buyers and recommendations. I have my own businesses, I have my own family, I have a home, a car, friends, children, food on the table. I have a tremendous amount to be grateful for. AND, I have skills, personality, a willingness to learn, and to listen to others opinions. Why then, am I lacking self confidence in my network marketing business?

One of my mentors suggested that I write down the phrase “I am already successful”, to help get over this lack of belief in myself. I didn’t understand it at the time. I most certainly was not already successful – in my network marketing business. Looking back now, it makes perfect sense. Of course I am already successful! I have many accomplishments, and talents. So do you! Believe in yourself! Infuse yourself into your business, and your conversations. Open up your thinking a little bit, look at your life as a whole – what accomplishments have you made, what are your successes? You can flourish in Network Marketing, You can be successful – because you already are!! YOU ARE THE MAGIC IN YOUR BUSINESS, AND I BELIEVE IN YOU!